Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Jake Green

Next up is another one of younger writers, he considers himself as just a writer for Platform Nation, but we consider him part of the family and as with all our writers a vital part of  Platform Nation.  Here’s what Jake Green without the “E” on the end had to say.

guitar-hero-5-screenshot-590x327 This is not a picture of Jake or is it?

Name: Jake Green

I love to game, I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer but I am certainly big on the idea of sitting down and devoting a lot of time to a game, although I do enjoy the occasional pick up and play game with Guitar Hero and other music games being my all time favourites, closely followed by a lot of racers.

As for my role at Platform Nation I am just a writer, I haven’t been part of the team for long but I feel as though I have already settled in and become a true part of the community.

If anyone cares I am currently doing my GCSEs in year 11 at secondary school, which is 10th grade to Americans. I chose ICT, Business Studies, Geography and Graphics as my choices along with the compulsory subjects such as English and Maths.

Here’s Jake’s Twitter, Xbox 360 gamertag and last but not least his PSN.

Thanks Jake, and if the readers would like to know a little more about this young lad feel free to leave him a comment and ask away!

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