Just Cause 2 Dated


If your anything like me you love sandbox games, and if you love sandbox games you are most likely keeping a close eye on Just Cause 2 the sequel to Avalanche Studios open world adventure that sees  Rico Rodriquez, a black ops agent, whilst he runs, drives flies around, shoots stuff, blows stuff up, and shoots some more stuff.

Admittedly the first one wasn’t all that great, the world was damn right boring at times and the game was glitch heaven… or hell depending on how you see it, but it was one thing and that’s fun.  In my opinion it was overall a great game, and a severely under-rated one at that.  With  Total Overdose, a broken abysmal game from a year earlier, which damn right took the mick, rating much higher than Just Cause.

Anyway if you have been keeping an eye on Just Cause 2 you’ll be happy to know its finally been dated! And before you get too excited that doesn’t mean Rico Rodriquez has been invited out on a romantic, candle lit dinner for two, it means Square Enix have announced the release date, which just happens to be March 23rd in North America and March 26th in the rest of the world. With many titles being released in Q1 2010 including a lot of titles pushed back from this year, Early 2010 is starting to look like Christmas 2009 come late.

I cant wait for this and will definitely be saving some of my Christmas money until then!

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  • I’m looking forward to this game

  • SAV

    I had a lot of fun with the first Just Cause. This is shaping up to be much much better all round. Can’t wait. The grappling gameplay looks awesome.