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Follow us Around the Pool Table as we continue to tackle the flood of games. Our main topic addresses the challenge video games face as attempts are made to address controversial issues such as terrorism.

Around the Pool Table:
– Went to Midnight Release of MW2 & Played in tourney
– Playing A LOT of MP and passed SP (moving on to Veteran)

– Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
– Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii
– Is proud of his music choices
– Went to Reno to watch Fresno State get killed

– Finished Uncharted 2
– Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
– Playing Trials HD – gotta keep high scores
– Updated to Win 7

–  Not Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
–  Playing Dragon Age (PS3)
–  Playing God of War: Collection (PS3)
–  Went to Vampire Weekend concert in Visalia
–  Watched True Blood (HBO)
–  Watched V

Mr Matt’s Album of the Week Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Main Topic: Can Videogames Tackle Serious Issues:
With the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2, and the bit of controversy from its portrayal of “acts of terrorism”, it makes sense to try to address this question:

As long as video games continue to rely on constant and mass killing of enemies, can they really be sued to “honor” soldiers or to provide social commentary on modern day (or historical) atrocities?

– How can the consequences of war be communicated when a players character magically regenerates their health after be shot repeatedly?

– Can we really use the “it’s just a game!” excuse to justify the mass action, then use the “hey, its art!” excuse to justify scenes of horrific violence?

– If Saving Private Ryan had featured badass action sequences with Tom Hanks blowing away tons of guys in slow motion, wouldn’t it be categorized as offensive?

The Community:
– A couple questions from Griff

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