“BOOM” Sony/BestBuy Bundle

Have you been waiting to take your entertainment to the next level? Not yet taken the dive into the waters to find the joys of High def television or gaming. Well now is your chance to jump in head first at the same time picking up a pretty sweet deal. Sony has combined with Best Buy to offer as the ad says one big “BOOM” of a deal. No longer will your friends laugh or mock that 1950’s 500 pound behemoth in your basement. Now you will have the place to be whether it be gaming or the next big Superbowl party.

The Ad seen here: “BOOM BestBuy Deal”

Sony Deal

The Ad offers savings of anywhere from $789-$1110 with the purchase of any TV 46″ or larger in the 120hz to 240hz range with the addition of a PS3. To sweeten the deal you get a list of 3 movies and 3 games of which you can pick one from each. With the option for free delivery and hook up it is hard to pass by.

Wait why all the “BOOM” ? Sony has recently been on the sprint to have some great ads hit the airwaves. With this latest deal the commercials don’t stop a game of one up between Best Buy associate Nick Devita and PS3’s Kevin Butler. The commercial is nothing short of funny again getting across the point of the explosive power of great advertising.

Video is posted below…

Remember boys and girls Christmas is still looming just around the corner and this deal does run until 12/12/09.

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