Greenberg: Black Friday 360 Sales Biggest of the Year

Microsoft is no stranger to Black Friday success when it comes to sales of the Xbox 360 console.  Last year, Microsoft boasted that the 360 had outsold the PS3 by a three-to-one margin on Black Friday (although the NPD numbers were closer to two-to-one for the month of November.)  We can likely expect to see another official press release from Microsoft regarding Black Friday sales sometime later this week.

In the meantime, Aaron Greenberg has given a bit of a preview for November’s NPD numbers through his Twitter account:

Great #BlackFriday results just in, biggest sales week of the year for #Xbox360, more than 2xs previous week sales

So there you go.  Time will tell if this claim is true; personally, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. What will be really interesting is to see how the PS3 did, considering how reinvigorated their recent sales have been.

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  • Erik Hansen

    They didn’t say anything about 2x the PS3, they said 2x their previous weeks sales, get it right.