Mass Effect 2 Character Trailers: Tali and Samara


Mass Effect 2, the second entry into BioWare’s epic space opera, is scheduled to hit store shelves on January, 26, 2010 (North America), and January 29, 2010 (Europe). Gamespot UK has revealed trailers for two more of your potential party members, one already known to you (Tali), and one that is brand new (Samara).

In the first Mass Effect, you recruited Tali Zorrah N’Rayyah after you foiled an assassination attempt by Saren in the wards. She will likely play a more integral role in this game because of the nature of your mission and who you will be facing. Her people, the quarians, have intimate knowledge of the Geth and may know more about ‘The Collectors’ than any other race in the universe, due to their, albeit forced, nomadic ways.

Samara, on the other hand, is brand new. While Liara certainly has her pros as an intellectual, Samara looks like she is pure biotic killing machine (pardon the pun). Not to mention her obvious enhancements over Liara physically (chuckle). In any event, Samara pledges her unerring loyalty to Shepard (for whatever reason), and may you (Shepard) deploy her as you see fit. I’m honestly doing my best to stay away from the obvious sexual connotations that are available.

Also, I’ve included a developer diary on the Adept class as a last-minute addition. Enjoy!!

I’ll be pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition of this title with the money that I receive from Christmas and will have this title in-hand at any midnight launch event that I can find. Enjoy the trailers.

Source: Gamespot UK (two links below take you to the respective trailers’ addresses)

Tali Zorrah N’Rayyah

Samara, a potential Asari party member

Adept Developer Diary

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