Wii Sales Up 85% According to Nintendo

It’s been a hard year for the Wii.  Even though it’s the dominant console in the marketplace today, the attach rate of games per console is the lowest of the three current-gen systems.  To add to the stress for Nintendo, sales of the system itself had been slowing after the massive success of the 2008 Holiday season.

Just when it looked like momentum for the Nintendo Wii had dropped off, Nintendo Executive VP Cammie Dunaway dropped a bombshell to the San Francisco Chronicle: sales of the Wii are up 85% on a weekly basis since the recent price cut from $249.99 to $199.99.

NPD numbers seem to support this, to an extent.  Sales for the console increased from 277,400 in August to 462,800 in September (the month of the price cut.)  October sales continued to improve, topping over 500,000 consoles sold.  Granted, these sales levels are much lower than the same period last year, but the overall trend seems to indicate another big holiday season is in the works for Nintendo.

Still, I have to think that Nintendo isn’t going to be able to keep it up much longer; Natal and the Playstation Wand should take a big bite out of sales late in 2010. Nintendo will need to do something drastic to maintain the lead.

Wii HD perhaps?

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