Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Ross Wigg

Next up we bring you one of our writers that has had many up and downs in his life and has persevered, and is a loving Husband and Father.


Where to start….

My writing life started in 5th grade with some goofy story that was a class assignment. School continued as normal but my love for writing in any sense never would die. Probably for 4 to 5 years after everyday my notebook was by my side. No matter where my family was something to write on was in my hand also I always carried a pen with me. Little by little my writing evolved into more poetry then any other form of writing but that gave a chance to become better at what I loved. There have been a few short stories that I have started but never took the time to finish.

My personal life has had many of the ups and downs but my ups and downs have been very highs and very lows. You could say I was the shy quiet kid that fit in everywhere in high school but really fit in nowhere. College came along my shell broke away when I met the girl of my dreams she was like the muse for writing I never had. That was one of those highs that you feel like you would almost never come down from. That would all come crashing down abruptly. Driving back home from her house June 21st 2007 another driver fell asleep at the wheel crossing the center line hitting us head on. She was killed in that accident and everything became real. It was like everything that had finally come true all my life’s dreams and goals were un-winding. Starting any writing it was like everything was sucked out of me and nothing seemed to make sense. It took forever to get my feet back in the water to find somewhere that felt safe even someone that felt safe. That is the day I met my wife things started looking up from there. We were married November 29th 2008 which was a great day. Everything was back to square one and I was rebuilding the blocks that were ripped from my foundation. On June 21st 2009 my daughter was born and the clouds that hung over my head were slowly clearing. Never did I think that my lowest day in my life would quickly become one of the highest points in my life.

What about my gaming side…

As far as that goes playing video games has also been one of the major portions of my life always playing some role. Starting with the Nintendo my love for anything gaming started to grow pulling me deeper into the nerd world of video games. Gaming was evolving into a new form of media and as it transformed I wanted to follow. Sony PlayStation 1 was my system of choice loved everything on it never really put the controller down. Naturally moved on to the PlayStation 2 in the process was buying games that peaked my interest but didn’t buy that many. Moved up to the PlayStation 3 started my collection off right with Assassins Creed 1, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted 1. My collection has since grown to include every genre of game and most of the PlayStation 3 games out currently. My collection now includes over 90 PS3 games maybe you called me obsessed but I am just a connoisseur.

Writing was always one of my favorite things to do that combined with hours on end playing video games. Never did I think that you could combine the two things into one great love that doesn’t seem like a job at all. Searching around found many blog sites that were looking for writers but each email only became a dead end. Finally took my chance with Platform Nation hoping that I could get the writing job I was looking for. Checking my email with hope until the day the email was finally there saying that I would become part of a great staff.

Here’s how to find Ross on the PSN and on Twitter and last but not least Facebook.  Thanks Ross for the Bio and the touching look into your life.

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  • By the end of the year I might have all of the P*N Staff on my XBL/PSN List.