Namco Releases Info On Tekken 6’s DLC And The Possible Price Of It…..Free!

Tekken 6 CTs costume had a chance to talk to the director of the Tekken team: Katsuhiro Harada who hinted that more Tekken 6 Downloadable Content is likely to be on it’s way and it might be free! When asked what plans the Tekken Team had with additional download content from PlayStation Store? Katsuhiro responded: “There is a strong possibility we will. However, even if we were to do so, it would be free to the end user.” This came shortly after the announcement from Mike “Gabe” Krahulik’s Twitter account where he posted: “Yes this is for real. Cts costume will be in Tekken 6!” This would be adding a Cardboard Tube Samurai from the popular web comic to Tekken 6. Katsuhiro also stated: “Obviously the biggest difference is the graphics as the power of these two systems is different. However, we did our best to adapt the PS3 version to the PSP in the best way possible. I don’t think that the fans will be disappointed.” Does that mean the PSP may receive some extra DLC from the Tekken Team? Tune into Platform Nation for any updates!

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