Black Friday Week Sales Figures


With Black Friday week being the biggest shopping week of the year, and Christmas following shortly behind, it only makes sense for console sales to shoot way up in a short amount of time.  Nintendo and Sony have both reported huge numbers for their console sales, but Microsoft hasn’t yet provided a solid number.  Here’s the breakdown courtesy of VGChartz:

Wii – 550,000

DS – 1,000,000+

PS3 – 440,000

Xbox 360 – “Double the sales of the week before Black Friday”

Now what does Microsoft’s statement mean?  Is it a way for them to not admit they were beat by Sony?  Or are their sales figures so staggering that they haven’t finished counting yet?  Or do they simply just want to keep it a secret?  Well no matter the reason, there’s no denying that even if they beat Sony, the PS3 is pretty close in sales now that the price has gone down and Sony has started their new marketing campaign (which is hilarious I might add).  I would like to see a solid number to see how close it really was, but I’m not sure we will be seeing one from Microsoft anytime soon.

Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure these are just US sales, not world sales.

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