Fight Night Round 4 (360) Community Playdate – December 9

As you might have read over at the official Fight Night Round 4 blog, I’ll be taking part of a Fight Night Round 4 Community Playdate that is being put together by the awesome folks over at EA Sports.


Mark your calendars for December 9th as the FIGHT NIGHT Round 4 team invites you to our XBOX 360 Community Playdate taking place next Wednesday from 3PM-8PM PST. With this week’s Title Update and New Boxers/Game Modes being added to the game, the developers are hoping to get some feedback from the community along with giving our fans a chance to go toe-to-toe with some of the makers of the game.

In the studio we will have Producers Brian Hayes, Mike Mahar, Freddy Ouano, and Jeff Atienza alongside Software Engineer Fabio Zinno and Sr. QA Analyst Jazz Brousseau. Representing the gaming community and joining me on the sticks will be the following:

Platform Nation’s Steven Artlip, SFX-360’s Ross Furman, 360Sync’s Devin Kofsky, Ve3tro’s Sarkis Daglian, Maxboxing’s Tyrone Kirk, Snapshot-Hockey’s Mike Carter, Stick Skill’s Dougie Veney, CS Nation’s Shawn Zipay, The Sports Game Guy Damon Peterson, and Robert Sporer representing Nerdiest Kids.

Feel free to add some of the gamertags to your friend’s lists and make sure that you join the CoverItLive event as well to help get yourself into a fight against one of the developers or community leaders.

Here are the gamertag’s of those you can add or look for if you want to join us:

Developer Gamertags








Community Leader Gamertags


sfx pallidian









Now if you are going to be playing me, GT Steve519, I do ask that you go easy on me as I’m not very good at FNR4 and I’m expecting to get my butt kicked many times over the night. I also plan on setting up a live video feed for those interested in watching. Just check back here the day of the event to watch. I and the video feed should be up around 6:30 pacific time (when I get home from work).

UPDATE: The Community Playdate for Fight Night Round 4 has been delayed as of right now because of the recent DLC issue. Stay on the lookout in the future for us to join EA in this.

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