Gamers Shopping Guide Minus The Games

There are more shopping guides for gamers out in the internets than there are games to purchase this holiday season. Since, by international gaming writer laws, I have to write a shopping guide I decided to not put any games on the list. Instead, I will highlight some great products related to the biggest games of the holidays. I hope that my hook to get you to read fun twist helps you surprise some of the gamers in your life.


Left 4 Dead 2: Last Night On Earth

Last Night on Earth is a board game from Flying Frog Productions. Anyone that thinks board games are just for little kids needs to play a round of Last Night On Earth. Four heroes fight off wave after wave of zombies (sound familiar?) trying to get out of town, save other townsfolk, or simply survive. Players, 2-6, split into two teams. One team plays the zombies. The zombies numbers are unlimited and they constantly shamble towards the heroes, trying to eat their brains. The other team plays the heroes. The heroes run around the town, collecting items and weapons, so that they can battle the undead hordes and complete their mission.

Before each game, players draw a scenario. A scenario is a mission for either the heroes or the zombies and dictates how each team is able to win the game. In one scenario heroes must find gasoline and keys in order to start a truck in the middle of town so they can get away from the zombies. Another scenario makes the zombies attack a single building on the map, trying to get nine zombies into the building while the heroes try to fight them back until sunrise.

The game is a lot of fun, and has lots of scenarios so it wont get old for a very long time. The two sides, zombies and heroes, play extremely differently and each side has many different options at their disposal. Each hero even has their own special powers and attributes, which adds to the strategy for both sides. Zombies can take over buildings, steal weapons, get a burst of speed, appear out of nowhere, and much more. Heroes can discover lots of weapons throughout the town, everything from a baseball bat to a circular saw to jumper cables, and have some other trick up their sleeves as well. Last Night On Earth will prove to people that board games today are much more than Monopoly or Sorry. It already has a few expansions that add even more content to an already great game.


Uncharted 2: Indiana Jones – The Adventure Collection

A snarky jerk who just has to be a hero goes on an adventure and soon gets in over his head. His friends are just as likely to turn on him than help him. He takes on overwhelming odds and is able to barely overcome them, most likely taking ungodly amounts of punishment while doing it. He is captured by his enemies and forced to help them, using his vast knowledge of artifacts and history, but eventually escapes and is able to stop them. O, and just so you know if I am taking about Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones, he also has a whip.

It is hard to play Uncharted 2 and not think of Indiana Jones. If Nathan Drake had a whip and a sweet hat you might as well call him Indiana Jr. Uncharted 2 is one of the best games on the PS3 and makes gamers feel like they are playing through a great action movie. The original 3 Indiana Jones movies make you feel like you are watching great action movies. If you enjoyed playing through Uncharted 2, and I don’t know how you couldn’t, watching these 3 classics will make you appreciate the kind of movie Naughty Dog was inspired by.


Assassin’s Creed 2: Batman Year One

Both Ezio and Bruce Wayne are more at home on the rooftops, looking for their next target, than anywhere else. Unlike the original Assassin’s Creed, in the sequel, gamers get to see their assassin before he is a killing machine. Ezio is a much more fleshed out character than Altiar and it makes the player connect more with who they are playing. In Batman: Year One, Frank Millar shows Batman before he was able to put fear into every villian in Gotham. You get to see Bruce stumble and mess up. Seeing him make mistakes gives readers a greater respect for how much Bruce Wayne has grown and all of the skills he has honed. Batman doesn’t kill, but he and Ezio are both predators, prowling their cities and taking down anyone in the way of their mission.

P.S. Bruce could beat Ezio anytime, anywhere.


Demon Souls: TV Armor

You are going to die, a lot, and when you do, the game gets HARDER. If you have thrown a controller because of a game and you get Demon Souls for Christmas, you better put some armor on your list or be ready to buy a new TV.

New Super Mario Bros Wii: Star Trek Blu-ray

Mario is like Kirk and Luigi is totally Spock and… ok, I wanted a Wii game on the list and couldn’t come up with one to connect to Star Trek, but it is a great movie. The blu-ray has tons of special features, including a cut scene with the Klingons, and the visuals are amazing!

These are just a few presents to give to the gamer who already has all the big games of the season. Hopefully they will be able to pull themselves away from the TV long enough to enjoy them.

For those of you that read the whole list I have a fun contest for you! Put in the comments which one of these gifts you would like to get or give most. One week from now I will pick a random person to give a Google Wave invite! Make sure you leave your email address in your comment!

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