Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Paul Battani

Well P*N community we bring you another one of our newer additions to the writing staff here at Platform Nation and this Michigan born and raised writer has a lot going on and it is a wonder he has enough time in the day to get to his day job and all of his hobbies and still get time in for gaming.  Here’s Paul Battani.

firebird And yes I do realize he goes by Canisfirebrand, but I thought the Firebird symbol was close.

Name: Paul Battani

Born in 1974. I figure that is easier to post then an age that will change every time this page is read.

About Me: Born and raised in Michigan and still living there. It’s easy to get comfortable and so ingrained into a location that I can’t think of moving anywhere else and starting over. Plus, with the economy going the way it is, it really isn’t in the cards even if I wanted to.

For my day time responsibilities, aka work, I provide support to PC and Unix workstation users as well as a number of other tasks such as networking issues, server issues. Basically IT work with other things sprinkled in. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time online at various websites. Twitter and Facebook take up the bulk of my time along with a gaming community I helped to start, 8-Bit Brigade( We started out as a Halo 2 clan and used the forum to communicate. From there, we grew a bit larger and started our own website to maintain a presence on the internet. We have a small membership, around 40 people, and game pretty regularly with each other. We hold various get togethers through out the year where we play video games, board or card games and just hang out and have fun. Our forum is pretty busy with topics ranging from video games, to cooking to reading and everything under the sun.

In addition to video games, I enjoy reading sci-fi and/or fantasy books. Not very interested in non-fiction or that genre, but I’ve been known to read one occasionally. I am a movie buff and enjoy watching movies in the privacy of my home where I can actually hear and see the action in the movie and not have to deal with people in the theater talking or making the experience unenjoyable. I watch a great deal of TV and keep my U-Verse DVR quite full as I make my way through the shows I record. Some of my favorites are The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Stargate Universe. CSI: NY.

Being lucky enough to own all the current consoles and handhelds as well as a PC capable of playing the latest games, I have quite a wide range to pick a game to play. The XBox 360 is my system of choice and the one that I will play 9 times out of 10. Any game that is released as a multi-platform title I will pick up on the 360 so that I can play with friends or if it is a single player game, pick up achievements. Achievements >> Trophies. My PS3 does get some love from PS exclusives such as Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance. I really don’t care for the PS online solution as it seems clunky and tacked on, if it ever works. The Wii rounds out my consoles and gets sporadic play if the mood strikes me or if friends come over and want to play some party games like Wii Sports or Wario. I will say that the latest Super Mario Wii has gotten me to turn on the system more recently. I also do a fair bit of gaming on my DS as the games on that are often suited for playing in short bursts and don’t really require a huge time commitment. Plus, with its portable design, I can take it with me if I know I’ll be sitting somewhere for a while, such as a Doctors office waiting room. The PSP is sort of like the shunned child in my home. Sure, it gets some attention now and then from the likes of Patapon or Loco Roco, but other then that, it is ignored and neglected.

Games I Enjoy: I used to play pretty much only RPG type games. I really could never play FPS or shooter games because I wasn’t that great and I would often get some form of motion sickness. I have been getting better with both, thanks to Halo 2 really bringing me out of my gaming shell. With so many choices out there, it is hard to pick an absolute favorite. Plus, those titles are often changing and what might be my game of the year today is no where in my top ten list tomorrow. With that said, these titles/series have been pretty consistently in the top of my book. Halo, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Ratchet & Clank, Loco Roco, Little Big Planet.

Wrapping it Up: It’s kind of weird looking at myself from the outside. I never thought I’d be a 35 year old kid. When growing up, I’d often look at parents and older people and never expect them to like the things that I do now that I am an older person. On the other hand, it is kind of nice to feel young and feel the rush that playing an intense video game can bring. I’m pretty much a gadget person and try, as much as I am able to, to be an early adopter of the next greatest techy gadget or toy. I’m a loyal friend to those I know and often play the peacemaker in any arguments or disagreements. Feel free to look me up on any of the following as I love to chat and meet new people who share passions for the things I like:

My XBL GT is Canis Firebrand and PSN ID is CanisFirebrand. I couldn’t get my PSN ID to be the same because they don’t allow spaces and I had my XBL GT before getting my PS3.

Here’s my  Facebook link, and my Twitter canisfirebrand.

Thanks Paul for a glimpse into letting us see what makes up the man we know as CanisFirebrand!

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