Glitching May Get You Suspended


By now you have either heard about the Javelin glitch or have experienced someone using it while playing Modern Warfare 2, whatever the case may be I do have a suggestion for you do not use it yourself.  The Microsoft Police are out in full force and are not taking kindly to glitchers as seen in Stephen Toulouse (stepto) Twitter comments about glitching:

While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will recieve suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone. :>

Microsoft is pulling no punches with this latest unfair advantage people are using in MW2, but I do have one concern and that is the punishment you will receive if caught:

For those asking, cheating suspensions are usually 24 hours for first offense. But egregious cheating can be 2 weeks!

A 24 hour suspension just doesn’t seem fitting for glitching.  Maybe it’s because I have been in a couple of matches and got real angry while people where using the glitch or what, but I think they should be suspended just a little longer.

Infinity Ward is aware of the situation and is taking this very serious as they are working on a fix as we speak.  Here’s what Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo)had to say on Twitter:

fourzerotwo #MW2 Javelin Glitch fix currently in test. Once it’s cleared, we’ll be urging it through Microsoft & Sony certification as fast as possible.

As you can see this does not only affect Xbox 360 players but also PS3.  So here’s to Infinity Ward and Microsoft for taking glitching as serious as they are.

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  • does effect both console but PlayStation is not banning people for using a glitch that Infinity Ward was to lazy to fix before the release.

    I would love for MS to ban someone for using something the dev put in the game! I can see the lawsuit being filed already!

    oh and the other question is why don’t people get banned for using glitches in games the devs are to lazy to fix? see COD4, COD: [email protected], Gears 2, Halo 3…
    Oh wait the last are 1st party titles and they don’t have to be fixed!