Duke Nukem Returns! And He’s Got Facebook!

Duken Nukem D-Day

Earlier this year Take Two announced that they would be laying off 3D Realms’ entire development team, the creators of the games: Prey, and Duke Nukem. Take Two also announced that development would stop on the game Duke Nukem Forever. But recently though, rumors that the now “Doom” installment on the Duke Nukem series may be in the works again! This hasn’t been announced from Take Two, or Even 3D Realms, but from the man himself; Duke Nukem, from the one place Duke I guess feels at home:
The profile, which was created by Duke last week, appears to be part of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming game: Duke Nukem D-Day. Duke also posted on his Facebook status: “Duke Nukem doesn’t stay down for long,” with a screen shot of soldier wearing a helmet shooting a rifle at a giant monster inside a sports stadium. If you think you’ve seen this screen before, you probably have, the screen shot is from the leaked Duke Nukem Forever footage which surfaced this past May. So is Duke Nukem D-Day, Duke Nukem Forever in disguise? Or is it the Gearbox-developed “Duke Begins” game, which has a 2010 release date before development was suspended? The games have near-identical similarity between the image and the leaked video, the game could be what 3D Realms had finish before the end of development and could just have a new name for legal purposes. The legal dispute between 3D Realms and Take Two still rages on is a over the Duke Nukem IP and the Duke Nukem Forever publishing rights, so it might be awhile before the cigar smoking hero will be called to arms once again. Tune into and Duke’s Facebook page for any updates! BTW Duke hates Farmville….

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