It’s Child’s Play


With all the festivities associated with the holiday season, I hope you are all having a good time. But just because those of you reading this are most likely at home and in good health, that doesn’t mean that everyone out there is in such a good situation. There are sick children out there who will be spending their Christmas inside of a hospital room.

Now I’m not trying to spoil your spirits or mess up your mood. I simply want to remind you that there are people out there who aren’t in great shape, and we could help these people. There is a program called Child’s Play. It is a charity that allows people to purchase video games and movies for children who are stuck in hospitals. This year the charity has brought in over a million dollars so far and is still going strong. To date the charity has raised a total of just under 6 million dollars since it’s inception.

This is important to us because as gamers it is a charity we can stand behind that shows the caring and social aspects of the gaming culture, rather than the violence within some games that angers many in society. But our appearance is just a secondary issue. The real reason this is important is because every child deserves to have a Christmas they enjoy, and we have the power to make it easier on these kids who are suffering from medical problems. The website for the charity is If you have some time and an extra $15 dollars you could part with, as most of us do, it would be great if you could visit the site and purchase something for a kid near you. I can guarantee you that they will be grateful for your care.

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