Borderlands Reviewed, in so Many Words


On paper, Borderlands has everything I could ever want in a game. You say “Diablo-style, loot-grabbing dungeon crawler done as quasi-cel-shaded, co-op FPS,” and I say “SOLD.” Who could have guessed that the loot would be so uninteresting, the environments so relentlessly bland, and the enemies so brain-dead (especially the bosses)? It’s really a shame that while the concept is a solid A, the execution is a total Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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  • I’ll definitely be renting this because there are so many people out there that LOVE the 4-player co-op and the replay value offered by a loot-grabbing dungeon-crawling game such as this.

    I think that one way that Gearbox could improve the title is to voice the four main characters.