Dead Space 2 – EA Mind Games

Dead Space was one of 2008’s best games and in the last couple of weeks a few hints have been released online, teasing us all with the fact that a sequel might be in production.  Today’s official announcement confirming the sequel is something we had all been hoping for but what you might have missed out on was some of the fun and mind games that EA has been playing in recent weeks.


This particular image first appeared on the Dead Space 2 twitter about a week ago and immediately had people guessing to what it meant. It may look like an ink smudge at first glance but some people (with a lot of time on their hands) have decoded the message.  The Unitology scrawl on the teaser image actually says, “The nightmare is over but it will not end.” The image below will let you check this for yourself.


I know that I cannot wait to be scared to death once again and I am glad to see that EA have not given up on one of their more refreshing new IP’s.

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