Dead Space 2 Is Official

dead space

It’s official Dead Space fan’s Dead Space 2 has been officially announced today by Visceral Games and Electric Arts studio.  The game does not have an official release date as of yet but it will be released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC.  The sequel will take you for another heart-pounding adventure with Isaac Clarke.  Here’s a little insight into the sequel:

“We’re thrilled to jump back into the series, making the next chapter in Isaac’s journey. The infection continues to spread throughout space and our hero Isaac Clarke is the only person able to contain it. There are still loads of necromorphs that need killing!” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer of Dead Space 2. “In Dead Space 2, not everything is exactly as it seems. Expect plot twists that will surprise you and a huge cast of twisted, disgusting monsters that are sure to scare the daylights out of you.”

The sequel is also set to bring us some new tools to gruesomely slice and dismember the Necromorphs and new Zero-G environments to explore.  Make sure to follow all of the newest developments on Twitter, and Facebook and for additional news check out the Dead Space site.

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