Mass Effect 2: Engineer Class


As we get closer to the release of Mass Effect 2, BioWare will be releasing more and more content for us here at PlatformNation to bring to you, our beloved readers.

This week starts off with a couple of screens as well as a developer walkthrough of Mass Effect 2’s Engineer class, which I felt was the least favorite and, therefore, least played class in Mass Effect. The one talent that I felt was truly useful was AI Hacking which, when upgraded to Master, would hack a Geth Colossus and other high-level Geth enemies.

From BioWare PR:

Ultimate Tech Specialist  – The Engineer Class

The Engineer is one of 6 classes available in Mass Effect 2. They are tech specialists, the only class able to employ combat drones on the battlefield.  Additionally Engineers can hack mechanized opponents turning deadly enemies into powerful allies.

Engineers are even more powerful in Mass Effect 2. With the ability to use tech powers to manipulate combat, they turn difficult battles into victories. Summon combat drones to harass enemies, knocking them out of cover and drawing fire away from you. Upgrade your drones, turning them into a powerful energy blast or into a deadly bomb. Additionally Engineers have potent offensive capabilities including Incinerate and Overload.

Learn more about  Engineers in this Mass Effect 2 Engineer Class feature video, where lead combat designer Christina Norman shows you the destructive prowess of Mass Effect’s most skilled tech specialist.

At any rate, I’m sure that BioWare did some tweaking to the class to make it more fun and give it some more pop this time around. Enjoy the screens and movie.

Source: BioWare PR (screens), YouTube (video)




Trailer (via YouTube)

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