Rated-M Rhythm?

With the holiday releases of LEGO Rock Band and Band Hero, we now have two family friendly rhythm games to play on Christmas day. Meanwhile, those of us that enjoy our music to be uncensored are still wondering when our M-rated rhythm game is going to be released. I. for one, would like to get my rock on without having to deal with the sanitized content that permeates with the genre.

parental advisory

I can see that the E-rated games sell better because it’s easy for parents to buy them without worrying about their young kids being exposed to something like Sublime’s Smoke Two Joints, but we all know that there is a market for mature games. For every Super Mario Brothers Wii there’s a Ballad of Gay Tony. So, why are we still waiting to be able to sing Rage Against The Machine the way it was meant to be sung?

I have an idea of why we haven’t seen this, and why we probably will not in the future. As much as the console makers tout their family settings to keep your kids safe, I don’t believe that the majority of parents know how to set it up. Even if they do I’m sure most kids could get around it.

band hero logo

This leaves the job up to the ESRB and the retailer to keep these games out of the hands of babes, and we know how well that works. How many kids to you hear in a game of Halo 3 or Gears of War 2? Most parents turn a blind eye to the violence. I think they would have a big problem with little Johnny singing along to Korn in the living room.

So, while we will get rhythm games with butchered lyrics, we are probably a long way away from getting fully uncensored Bloodhound Gang songs in a game. Are there any artists you want to see brought to Rock Band/Guitar Hero with their lyrics intact? Let us know!

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  • I always wondered when/if this would happen. Really like to see some of the songs i’ve listened to remain the same when they are put into games.

  • Awesome, GA!! I’ve submitted to both Digg and N4G. Keep it up!!