Melting Faces Again With Another Brutal Legend Add-On

by John Catuira

Double Fine Productions is keeping rock alive with another Brutal Legend add-on: Hammer of Infinite Fate.

Brutal Legend

The content adds nine new achievements/trophies and six more heads for Mount Rockmore, including Double Fine prez Tim Schafer. Deck out Eddie Riggs in three new outfits and seven back patches. Even Eddie’s automotive chrome companion, The Deuce, gets a makeover with four new paint jobs as well as four new upgrades including an overworld GPS called the Oculus of the Lost, and a projectile-hurling weapon named the Eye of Sorrow. On the multiplayer front, there are four new maps. Named Altar of Blood, Coiled Remains, Crucible of the Titans and The Amplified Cliffs, each is themed after the Gods of Metal.

Bullhorns at the ready, my friends. Hammer of Infinite Fate descends up on us December 17 on the PlayStation Network ($4.99 USD) and Xbox Live (400 Microsoft Points).


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