Hall ODSTLet’s face it, Halo is a huge franchise; the original trilogy–not to mention the two spin-off games–has sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, and still, the gaming world wants more. Sadly, if you were hoping for more Halo 3: ODST, you may be out of luck. A recent interview with Bungie reveals that the developers have no intention of releasing ODST downloadable content.

“There are no current plans for any ODST DLC [downloadable content],” said design lead Lars Bakken. “The Bungie team is full steam ahead on Reach with a lot of work between now and the multiplayer beta and then final release next fall.”

Although I wasn’t all that interested in ODST to begin with, this news is sure to upset quite a few of you. Just remember, the time they’re saving on ODST is going towards the devlopement of Reach, and until then, well, there’s always Firefight.

Information comes via G4TV’s The Feed.

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