Show Me Your Swag! 1st Edition

I am pleased to show off the first batch of YOUR swag!  I received a great bunch of photos from a lot of different games and gaming events.  I was very impressed with our first round of submissions.  I got four great gamers who submitted this time, and I’m going to features something from all of them.  Let’s get started!

This MatCatz Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition:  The Femme Fatale Edition was submitted by DarkMethod 10k, who stood in a very long line at PAX 2009 to get this limited edition fighting stick.  To be honest, I was hoping someone would submit this because I had heard about it and knew it was a rare piece.  Thanks, DarkMethod 10K!

This piece of barbarian goodness from Civilization Revolution was submitted by ATC 1982.  This piece get props because ATC 1982 says it’s his favorite piece.  Out of the ones he submitted, this is one of mine of his.  I love the detail on this figure!

Lizzie Johnson submitted this cool piece of swag from when the Halo ODST firetruck visited her hometown.  Very cool, Lizzie!

This piece of gaming bling was submitted by Spookty, who won this award at at a Game Stop competition playing Star Chase.   He placed in a few different games, but won the Star Chase event.  Grats, Spookty, and thank you!

See all of our great entries at the Show Me Your Swag flickr Photostream!

I want more entries for next month!!  Send me an e-mail at jennabee25 @ with your name, the name you want credit as, a jpg photo of your swag, and tell me about it!  I want to hear from you!  I’ll pick my favorite three or four entries for the month and all entries will be posted on the flickr stream.

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