Stuffing Beating Good Time


Remember your lovable teddy bear from child hood? The one you cuddled to every night before falling sound asleep. Well forget that image get ready to make new memories with the “Naughty” Bears. OK you perverts stop thinking like that, Naughty Bear is a new title coming for the PS3, Xbox 360

505 games announces “Naughty Bear” developed by Artificial Mind & Movement. You play as what else but a Teddy Bear that is pissed at the other bears for being mean to you. Play through more then 30 levels taking revenge on other good bears. Choose your weapons then let the smack down begin in multiple different locations with weather that is always changing. Being naughty collects you more naughty points that you will use to unlock more goodies. 505’s site says that you will never tire of being naughty with endless ways to achieve your goals which will offer loads of re-playability.

Beating the stuffing out of each other has never had so much meaning. Naughty Bear will offer some great multi-player games where yes you can literally beat the stuffing out of your opponent. See how your naughtiness stacks up against others as you earn trophies and achievements. You and your opponent will be able to burn stab and claw your way to the goal of being the top dog (or bear in this case.)

Get ready to get Naughty in 2010 with Naughty Bear

More Info: 505Games

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