Dead Space 2: More Details


Following the official announcement  on the 7th December, we have now been treated to more details on this sci-fi horror sequel.  Game Informer magazine ran the game as their cover story this month and if you follow this link to, you will find a summary of the report from Game Informer.

The article contains several spoilers for the first game, so if you have not completed it yet, then stop reading now and go play it. For those of us who have played the first game and are eagerly awaiting the sequel I’ve pulled out some of the main points of interest below.

  • Refined controls: It doesn’t sound like the new control system will turn Dead Space 2 into a generic first person shooter but it sounds like Issac will be faster without turning him into Master Chief. In short, the game will maintain its survival-horror pace and you should not be cursing the control system as much this time around.
  • Environment: The game is set in a massive space Station called “The Sprawl.” It makes the Ishimura from the first game seem small in comparison.
  • Puzzles: The developers say they want to make the missions a lot more intuitive and interesting and not just fetch quests. therefore we can expect more puzzles and spending time figuring out what to do instead of retracing our steps like we did in the first game.
  • Horror: The game designers claim they have came up with more original scares, more set piece horror moments and generally just a scarier game all round. I don’t know about you, but the first game scared me to death in places.
  • Monster Spawning: If you replayed the first game or even just a section again, the monsters always spawn in the same place each time. The designers have said this will not happen as much in the sequel, with monster appearances being less predictable.
  • Issac has a voice: Yes, Issac will talk in the sequel, giving the gamer a chance to get to you the hero of the game on a more personal level.
  • New weapons: As with any good sequel, there will of course be new weapons but details are not available yet as to what they will be
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer: The quote in the article from the designers is  “All I can say is it’s really fun, and you’ll get to strategically dismember your friends.”  The first comparison that sprung into my mind is Left 4 Dead, will we have the chance for Player versus human-controlled Necromorphs?

It’s definitely up near the top of my must have games for 2010 (if its actually released next year) and these tidbits of information have simply made me want it more.

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