Smithsonian Will Feature “The Art Of Video Games” In 2012

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The Smithsonian Institution is a vast educational research and museum complex funded by the United States government. Most of it’s facilities are located in Washington D.C., but it’s 19 museums, zoo, and nine research centers are in New York City, Virginia, Panama and elsewhere. My main focus though is going to be on the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. In 2012 it’s going to be featuring an exhibit that all gamers are going to enjoy!

While reading the news today I was informed through GamePro that for six months in 2012 (March 16th to September 9th) the American Art Museum will have “The Art of Video Games” exhibition. This will be, according to the museum, “the first attempt to examine comprehensively the evolution of video games themselves as an artistic medium.” This exhibit will include game footage, interviews with artists as well as game developers, and the history of game consoles. They will also provide some consoles where visitors can play various games that are on exhibit.

Chris Melissinos, a video game industry expert and the founder of PastPixels, will be the guest curator of the exhibition. The museum is also welcoming suggestions from attendees. For more information on the museum you can visit their site.

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