Halo:Reach Project Page Updated

In response to eager fanboys everywhere,  Bungie has launched an updated project page for their greatly anticipated upcoming game Halo: Reach.


They admit the site is lacking content for the time being but don’t worry, they promise more to come in 2010.   So far the page features sections for Enemies, Ordnance, and Personal but they still remain “classified” (See image below).  They do however have an active Intel tab that offers new information straight from the CAA Factbook. This reveals insight on topics such as planet information,the Spartan program, and military power facts.  A interesting read for any Halo fan.


Bungie offers this in hopes to keep you satisfied until the premiere of the Reach trailer during the Spike TV Video Game Awards.  You can catch the award show on Saturday, December 12th at 8/7c

Halo: Reach Project Page

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