Modern Warfare 2 Patch 1.06 for Xbox LIVE is now LIVE


This morning at roughly 6 AM EST/3 AM PST, Twitter erupted with numerous tweets stating that the long-awaited patch for Modern Warfare 2 that fixes the dreaded ‘Javelin Glitch’ as well as the ‘Infinte Care Package’ exploit has found its way onto Xbox LIVE servers.

via Twitter (@cosmicthoughts)

@AceyBongos You might to menton that the MW2 update is hitting 360’s at the moment

Personally speaking, I haven’t played Modern Warfare 2, but I’ve heard the horde of complaints regarding the exploits. It got to point that Microsoft began threatening to openly ban players from Xbox LIVE if they were caught using the exploit.

At any rate, that won’t be happening any more.

SOURCE: Twitter

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