VGA New Game Reveals

Last night the annual VGA’s were held on Spike, the VGA’s being a major event for most gamers. I regret to inform you that I did in fact miss a good portion of them last night, but as soon as I woke up this morning I went straight to this computer to see what I had missed. And let me tell you, I missed some good stuff last night. The awards were the main focus of the evening, but it was also an opportunity for some pretty awesome teaser trailers and announcements that I would like to share with you.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2-The night kicked off with a trailer introducing this expected, but as of yet unannounced, sequel to this year’s star title. You can find the trailer here, at our article on the awards portion of the night.

Tron Evolution- This game was introduced by the stunning Olivia Wilde through a trailer that revealed light-cycle racing, a staple of the Tron series. The game is going to be a tie-in with Tron Legacy, a movie set for release next year.

True Crime- The third installment to the franchise bearing the same name, this game will take the police based series into Hong Kong. The series was well known on last generation consoles for its great depictions of L.A. and Manhattan, but the second game was a financial failure as well as only moderately well received by critics, so the original third game was canceled. If done right, this game could be a huge new addition.

The Force Unleashed 2- This direct sequel to the original will be coming out in 2010, and the trailer features a fight with a giant beast. Not much more details at this moment, but more will  be sure to follow in the months to come.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: The next game in the franchise will be released in May 2010, alongside the new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Green Day Rock Band- Green Day announced that their is a new Rock Band game that is going to feature them and their music. This has come to a surprise to many and does seem a little strange, as many people are questioning whether they really have the popularity to carry a whole title instead of just be one feature on it. Whatever comes of it, a new Rock Band game is sure to make some of us happy regardless of the band.

SpecOps: The Line- This game is a shooter from the third-person perspective, and looks to be a fairly dark game involving some sort of major conflict. You will be playing as a special forces soldier in Dubai, and the character in the game seems to have a little bit of mental problems as well. This could be an interesting new title, I would keep my eye on this one if I were you.

Medal of Honor- This is a reboot of the franchise essentially, with no subtitle released, at least not yet. The game looks very similiar to the newer installments of its old sparring partner, Call of Duty. Call of Duty has done much better in the last 3 years, especially with the Modern Warfare games, and Medal of Honor appears to be trying to get a piece of that success. While some may criticize them for stealing ideas, I think another well done game of that flavor would be great, even if it wasn’t an original idea. We will be seeing this fall of 2010, probably around the time we see the new Call of Duty game as well.

There were a few other updates as well, such as new clips of Crackdown 2 and Halo: Reach, as well as a preview of the new Prince of Persia movie, but this article was meant to show you the new games released announced and hopefully you see something here that catches your eye. I know I am sure excited by these prospects. Also take the time to go check out our article on the awards portion of the evening if you get the chance.

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  • They could have done way better than a Green Day Rock Band. So many other bands I couldn’t even list them.

  • Only trailers that impressed me were the Arkham Asylum 2 and Force Unleashed 2 trailers. The rest were completely meh. Spec Ops The Line looks like a Gears of War clone. Halo Reach looks like same old shitty Halo. Medal of Honor looks like a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 clone. Tron looks decent. Crackdown 2 looks ‘uninnovative’. Green Day Rock Band looks like shit. Prince of Persia looks like a slightly graphical upgrade; jury is out until I see gameplay. The rest of the trailers aren’t even worth mentioning IMO. Highlights of the show for me were Olivia Wilde, Tricia Helfer, The Bravery, Joel McHale, Jack Black, and Steven A Smith.

  • Crackdwon 2 has the best music to go along with the trailer, it just made me laugh.