Halo: Reach Revealed (Sort Of)

Most of us spent our Saturday night watching the Spike VGA’s. While some of us wanted to see the awards, most of us were waiting for the game reveals and trailers. We waited two hours to see the big daddy of all the trailers, Halo Reach. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out below.

You can tell Bungie has done a lot of work updating the graphics engine. The lighting looks great, as do the faces and the armor. There is no doubt that Reach will be a good looking game. Unfortunately, that’s about all the information we get from this new trailer.

What about some real info? We still don’t know if Reach will be a squad-based shooter. We don’t know if the multiplayer will be class-based. I know that they want to keep some information a secret to be revealed at next year’s E3, but at least tell us what direction you’re taking the franchise.

Where is the gameplay footage? I don’t expect them to show 10 minutes of the campaign, but a few seconds of spartan on Covenant violence would have been nice. As it stands right now, we have to assume you’ll be playing essentially the same role as Master Chief; a one man army. Of course, the trailer does say that you won’t be able to go all “lone wolf” out there, but that’s hardly a confirmation of anything.

Halo Reach

All in all I was disappointed with the trailer. I know a lot of people are pumped, and as a Halo fanboy, I want to be right there with them. I just need to see more before I hang my hopes on Reach as the second coming. Bungie has a bit of a hill to climb after ODST. I hope they come out with something that blows us all away.

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  • ugh, ODST…don’t remind me. I’m very pumped for Reach though!

  • I am not a big Halo fan, but I was so looking forward to the trailer, and I have to agree I wanted a little something to tempt my gaming taste buds. I do know that when a trailer with game play does emerge, Bungie will pullout all the stops.