Western Wind Review

Game Review: Western Wind
Release: 9/1/09
Genre: Music
Developer: Rock Ridge Games
Available Platforms: iPhone/iPod touch
Players: 1
MSRP: Free (limited time) .99 cents (normal)
ESRB Rating: N/A
Website: Rock Ridge Games

6 cowboys plus one case of beans, a musical group of cowboys with no instruments to play. Black Bart and his Tumbling Tumbleweeds have the solution and all it will take is a little Western Wind that comes with the help of some magical fruit (Beans). My one suggestion is if you are smart and value your tear ducks and nose do not stand down wind of these Westerners after the dinner rush.

To put it bluntly you fart to create your tunes or follow the tunes of the others. Beans provide the gas for your instruments. There are two styles of game play to add variety. One being follow that fart a Simon Sez type game, the unique style of the Simon Sez type gameplay adds a fun twist where farts provide the tune you follow. Musical fruit is the other game type that lets you take on your own style and create your own toot toned music or recreate your favorite hit songs all with the power of some bean magic.


Overall Western Wind stands out with other music oriented games because of the laughs you will have when first playing. It proves to be a great game for when you need to kill some time or just want a quick styled game session. Western Wind is well worth the price for the quick entertainment it will provide.

Follow That Fart

The game is entertaining for the first few plays  but the game play gets very repetitive and would be great if more modes or options were added to spice up the game play. The novelty and funny factor of the following the fart or making your own tune with farts are quick to wear off. The App store offers many more titles that could be worth your hard earned dollar. Some people may also not find the farting funny so they should stay away.

Western wind will keep you occupied for short amounts of time but not much more then a few minutes. Being priced at free it is a great way to try the game out while the sale lasts, so head over to the App store to download now. If you don’t pick it up while the price is free .99 cents will be worth it for a few good laughs and a value game for your collection.

The name of the game would have been more fun if it was Southern Wind.

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