Singstar Viewer: Half of Singstar… Without The Singstar

Anyone who is a fan of public humiliation will be aware that Singstar on the PS3 gives players the ability to upload videos of themselves singing for all other Singstar owners to watch and laugh at, most of you will also be aware of The Singstore, the in game marketplace that allows you to choose from a huge library of songs and download them straight to your PS3.

The only problem with these features is that you have to spend time putting the disc in your PS3, waiting 1 hour for god knows how many updates to finish and then try your luck with a million loading screens before being able to carry out either task.

Well the good news is Sony has fixed this problem, and at the same time, made the public humiliation mentioned earlier, even easier, with the ‘Singstar Viewer’ app. The Singstar viewer app will be installed on the XMB under the games heading, and will give anybody the ability to visit the singstore and view countless videos and pictures of Singstar users without owning the game.

So far the Singstar Viewer has only been announced for a Europe release but I’m sure we can expect it to visit other regions in the near future.

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