3D Dot Game Heroes NA Release


3D Dot Game Heroes has a North American release date; May 11th, 2010. For those of you who haven’t heard of this game (shame on you), Platform Nation described it in this earlier article.

The North American love doesn’t just stop with a release date announcement. Atlus also released this great trailer.

There haven’t been many parody video games. Most of them do the parody well but fail on the gameplay end. A few fail to either provide laughs or a decent game. Great parodies are made when the creators love what they are making fun of, and it looks like From Software loves the classic adventure games they are poking fun of in 3D Dot Game Heroes. After Demon’s Souls, I would be excited for any game coming out of From Software. 3D Dot Game Heroes does not look like it will disappoint

via Destructoid

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  • millan

    interesting. but i would only buy it if it was a psn download.