Hudson Talks Decisions and Love Interests

It’s almost six weeks to the day until Mass Effect 2 is released in the US (January 26), and Project Director Casey Hudson opened up a bit more (as if he hasn’t already been semi-generous with his details–not that I’m complaining, mind you) to IGN about how your decisions from Mass Effect 1 will affect not only your quests and interactions in Mass Effect 2, but also whole environments and idle chatter that can be overheard as you walk through the Citadel and other places.

From IGN:

The bigger decisions, however, will have an immediately noticeable impact. Hudson listed the decision regarding the council at the end of Mass Effect as one of the choices with the biggest repercussions. “It’s not like the entire game takes on a completely different story with different colors and different locations and things like that. It’s more the collection of many different effects all throughout the game. If you let the council die so that human beings can take more control in the galaxy, or if you save them, that’s one of the things that you’ll see the biggest number of repercussions especially when you go to places like the Citadel where the council was based. You’ll hear it as you walk around, you’ll see things being different. There are different plots that open up for you.”

He also stated that, even though some love interests from the first entry may not be playable in the second, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be interacting with them. Your decisions on whether or not to cheat on them will have impact as well. Hudson even hinted at the possibility of tracking said ‘indiscretions’ online as part of a community feature a la

Be sure to check out the entire piece over at (link below). There are no ‘new’ spoilers.

Source: IGN

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