Sony’s Motion Controller

The gun of Duck Hunt fameThis next year looks to possibly be the beginning of a new era in video games. The idea of motion controlled games is looking to really cut itself a niche in the industry starting in 2010. Now, you may contest that this started with the Wii, or even many years previously with games like the classic Duck Hunt. But the difference is that now all three companies with any real holdings in the console market are all going to start trying to utilize this technology. We are all aware of Nintendo’s use of it with the Wii, but now Microsoft is working on Project Natal and Sony is working on a motion controller that hasn’t been officially named yet.

John Koller, the director of hardware marketing for Sony, had this to say about the concept of motion control in video games according to

“I think the areas that are going to be really critical to our success will be family games, as well as shooters and sports games… Those are going to be the areas that will really define success, because they’re areas that quite honestly, I think Project Natal and the Wii are going to have trouble matching, from a differentiation standpoint.”

The controller will apparently be some type of wand device that will use the PlayStation Eye to track it’s movements. Sony thinks they will be the leader in motion technology wth this equipment, and I think bring it to shooters could definitely do this if they refine it enough to make you feel a part of the action. Really what will set them apart is exactly that, the refinement that goes into it. Any one of these companies can slap together a gadget that follows movement and produces a cool effect, but who will take it to the level of a whole new experience?

I am really looking forward to Spring 2010, when the controller is set for release. As I have said in previous articles, I think motion control is going to be a great thing for video games. When it gets to the stage where it is taken seriously and gives us a sense of being inside the game world by accurately capturing our movements, it will be an interesting tool for entertainment. Here’s to a new year with new video game tech.

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