The Beatles: Rock Band Download & Win


Christmas time (is here again).   It’s the time of year for giving to others and if you are smart getting a little Something for yourself.  This year you are in luck Because Xbox is here to Help.  They are offering the chance to win three full albums to add to your Beatles Rock Band library in their new Download and Win sweepstakes.  All you have to do is jump on to Xbox live and download the “All You Need is Love” song in addition to downloading the gamer picture to register.  You can also click this link here to queue it for download.  When I get home I’ll be sure to enter and if you feel so inclined, You know what to do.

Thirty Grand Prize Packages:

  • The full album Abbey Road for The Beatles: Rock Band
  • The full album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for The Beatles: Rock Band
  • The full album Rubber Soul for The Beatles: Rock Band
  • 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership
  • 4,000 Microsoft Points


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  • Haven’t downloaded any of the Albums so when I get home, i’ll definitely do this. That’s alotta points if you add all them up.

  • REGUL80R

    totally downloading this. Thanks for the info.