Coming Out Tomorrow To The HTC Hero and G1

Tomorrow all of you HTC Hero and G1 users will be able to download an app, from the Android Store, on your cellphone that will allow you to access Platform Nation in all of it’s awesome app glory.

Spash Screen Screenshot (from iPhone)

Spash Screen Screenshot (from iPhone)

With our app you will be able to read all the news and information that is posted on Platform Nation, you will be able to leave comments on our articles, and you will be able to listen to your favorite Platform Nation podcasts, all directly from the app.


Blog Post Screenshot (from iPhone)

For any of you that are interested in bringing your own site to the Apple or Android store, check out What is Appanda you might ask?

Appanda is a new technology that will allow small businesses to build custom iPhone or Android applications (apps). Appanda can currently put your news, blogs, videos, contact information, podcasts and images in front of any of the 300 million people who use iPhones, iPod Touches, or Android phones. Appanda help videos and FAQ will guide you through the process of developing your own custom app. Appanda. It’s as simple as black and white.

If you Android users could do us a favor, download our app, leave it a review, and tell your friends. Doing this will really help us out, Thank you!

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  • Awesomely Done!
    Would get it but no iPhone/Touch/Android I haz.