Heavy Rain Gameplay Demos


When I first played Indigo Prophecy on the original Xbox, I was taken in by it’s story, character interaction, and gameplay mechanics. David Cage’s new title, Heavy Rain, takes this to a completely different level. Heavy Rain follows the events of multiple characters that the player controls at different moments throughout the game, allowing you to get a fantastic all-around perspective of the events surrounding the murders committed by the Origami Killer.

The two videos below (first in Russian, second in German) give us a great sequence of gameplay events and how the player will interact and affect (or not affect) these events. I personally understand neither Russian nor German, so if anyone does, please let us know the basic gist of what they are saying. Thank you.

And, without further ado…

Source: YouTube (links are to the respective trailers on YouTube)

Russian Heavy Rain Video Preview

German Gameplay Demo

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