Star Wars: Battlefront 3 In Development Has Been Confirmed

Star Wars Battle Front III

The Star Wars Battlefront series was a huge hit on the PlayStation 2, the original Xbox, and PlayStation Portable. What made Battlefront such a success was the expansive levels, a mixture of character and ship classes, and the gameplay including multiplayer. Giving you the chance to play as a Jedi for the Republic, to a Droid with the Dark side.

Fans have been waiting quite awhile for a true sequel to the series to bring to the next gen consoles. But now a “New Hope” the third title in the Star Wars Battlefront series is still in development, as fansite is reporting. Voice actor Chris Marazzo from LucasArts indicated in an email that what was to originally be Battlefront 3 actually evolved into the Star Wars Empire At War expansion pack, titled: Forces of Corruption. The message from the actor went on to confirm that Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been in development, with the possibility of receiving some Battlefront 3 storyboards soon. Highlights of the email are included:

“Thanks for getting in touch. The Original Title was Battlefront 3 but it evolved into Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. However Battlefront 3 is also in development. It was by far the Most Fun and Coolest Casting I ever worked on.”

The Star Wars Battlefront series has been handled by many different developers since the second Battlefront game has been released. With Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO, and the just announced Star Wars Forces Unleashed 2 on there way, we know Lucas Art has there hands full, and maybe a Battlefront game on a next gen system may have to wait a bit longer, but the force is strong with this one….

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