Digital Cowboys: Episode 135

DC 135

Retro Review: The Sony Playstation.

This week, Commander Tim joins us to take a close look at the original Sony wonder machine. We examine how it came about, how Sony made it it THE console to own and the legacy of game franchises it left in its wake.

We were originally going to talk about the Playstation 3, but considering last weeks show, we wanted to wait until we had a stronger angle, so that episode will be coming in the new year.

Remember for the next week there’s still a competition on to win a $40 to spend at Casually Hardcore. To be in with the chance of winning check out this thread on the forum.

Many thanks to Commander Tim, who came on at relatively short notice and made this a mature and entertaining debate, rather than the playground scrap it would have been without him. You can find Tim’s website here, Gamehounds here and The Widget here.

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