Games For Windows ‘Games On Demand’ Now Available

With each new release of Games For Windows, Microsoft inches a bit closer to a product that may be accepted by PC gamers.  The latest improvement is to bring Games On Demand to Windows.  What this actually means is that you can now download full version of games via the newly launched Games for Windows Games on Demand service.


You can see the complete list of games now available here.

Battlestations Pacific
DiRT 2
Fallout 3

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
Red Faction Guerrilla
Resident Evil 5
Section 8
Street Fighter IV
Viva Piñata

Games On Demand was released for Xbox Live users earlier in 2009 and offers gamers the chance to purchase full digital copies of games from the Xbox360 back catalog.  As Xbox Live is essentially a closed platform, if you want a digital version of the game, then Games on Demand is your only option, but PC gamers have a number of alternatives to choose from e.g , Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive.  So as a sweetener, Microsoft is giving everyone the chance to download a free game called Tinker which comes with 200 achievements to boost your Gamerscore.


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