Heavy Rain DLC Announced


In a blog post on the American PlayStation Blog, Sony and Quantic Dreams announced both a pre-order scheme and forthcoming DLC for their incoming exclusive; Heavy Rain.

When you pre-order your copy of Heavy Rain at participating retailers, you will receive the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles (valued at $4.99 each episode) titled, “Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist,” which will be available (only to those who pre-order) when Heavy Rain hits store shelves. The Heavy Rain pre-order program begins TODAY!

The first of these ‘Chronicles’ will also be available in the European exclusive Collectors Edition, more information will be forthcoming.

What exactly are The Heavy Rain Chronicles? Each Chronicle will offer unique, stand-alone, playable short stories featuring one of Heavy Rain’s main characters, and a storyline taking place either before or after Heavy Rain’s original narrative. Similar to Heavy Rain, each episode will offer a unique journey and different outcomes based on the players’ decisions and actions.

Heavy Rain: Chronicle One – The Taxidermist will feature investigative journalist Madison Paige in one of her first cases tracking down a serial killer. Most of you are familiar with this episode as it is an expansion and update to the original “Taxidermist” demo that received such positive response when shown last year.

It seems that Sony and Quantic are really panning this DLC out. DLC for Heavy Rain was rumored to take place in some way, and from information found, your decisions and pathways will also carry over. It isn’t known if your choices and what not will carry through into each DLC, or into even the main game, as of yet.

For all those who do not pre-order Heavy Rain at the participating retailers:

For those who don’t pre-order Heavy Rain, the first two episodes of Heavy Rain Chronicles will be available for purchase and download through the PlayStation Store after the release of Heavy Rain – the exact dates will be announced at a later date.

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