Expect Crackdown 2 In The First Half Of 2010

On a recent Major Nelson podcast, while bragging about the start of 2010. Aaron Greenberg let slip that along with Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake, you can expect Crackdown 2 too as part of the triple A titles that will be coming in the first half of 2010. Obviously those are just the good exclusives, but does this mean that Crackdown 2 is confirmed to be coming out in early 2010, which is soon!

I am very excited by the look of Crackdown 2 and this time I will buy it for the game, not just the Halo 3 BETA.

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  • I’m really looking forward to this game.

  • True, but ‘first half’ also includes June.
    January – Mass Effect 2
    February – Splinter Cell Conviction
    May – Alan Wake

    March, April, and June are up for grabs. Anyone care to venture a guess at which month? My FAKE money is on April.