Shepard Is Done In Mass Effect 3

The good folks over at Shacknews spoke to the project director working on Mass Effect 2, Casey Hudson. He said,  “We’re looking forward to it [Mass Effect 3] and it should be more fun for us.” He goes on to explain that the team faced some difficult work when preparing the system they have in place that will allow saved games to continue into the second game. It wasn’t easy for them and they will be going on to do the same thing with Mass Effect 3, but he says that they won’t be worrying about this system for the “next one.” Not that the system won’t be used for future series, but that Mass Effect 3 is going to wrap up the current story and if we see more, which is likely, it will not be a direct continuation of this story, but will revolve around other characters.

I think this is a good development. Too many series seem to get pressed into oblivion because they stretch the plot way out and the main character has faced so many huge disasters that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Sometimes the hard decision is the best, and that is to retire a character before he reaches that point. Basically they need to use the “Quit while your ahead” principle. Mass Effect is a series that will have this even easier as Bioware crafted a beautiful universe to set the story in, and while it is a lot of work to do that, it allows you to pick up stories in other parts of the galaxy with relative ease. I’m hoping to see a franchise spin its way out of this, and this is a great indication that that just might happen.

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  • I’m personally glad to hear this. Mass Effect in its current sense was meant to be a trilogy for this particular story-arc.
    I would like to see a story-arc that takes place mostly in the Terminus Systems.