More Mass Effect 2 Trailers: FULL Cinematic, Infiltrator Class, and others

With it being just over a month until Mass Effect 2 graces store shelves (Jan 26 in NA, Jan 29 in EU), the entire cinematic trailer which was teased earlier this month was released on Xbox LIVE today, December 22.

I didn’t think that my mind could become more mush than it had from all of the media released thus far, but this trailer took my mind from mush to 100% liquid. That’s right. I no longer have a brain. The team at BioWare has officially succeeded in liquifying my brain matter. If Mass Effect were to be created in film form, THIS would be how I would want to see it. I can deal without live actors, to be honest. I already know who I would want to direct it: James Cameron. If he can do for Mass Effect what he did with Avatar, my body may just melt right there in my theater seat.

At any rate, download the trailer off of Xbox LIVE, or watch it below. Trust me when I say that it looks MUCH better on a 56″ Plasma TV than in a tiny window. Just saying. Enjoy!!

Note: I’ve included a few other trailers as well, including the latest class walkthrough for the INFILTRATOR.

Sources: YouTube (two separate channels; links are to respective videos)

FULL Cinematic Trailer

Infiltrator Walkthrough

Hostile Detected (PC gameplay)

Still Alive (PC gameplay)

Weapons Down (PC gameplay) SPOILERS!!!

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