The Saboteur Reviewed, in so Many Words

While it’s relieving to discover that The Saboteur is a fun and fitting send-off for Pandemic (after the trainwreck of Mercenaries 2), it’s also frustrating—because it could have been something truly memorable. The volume of things to explore, drive, scale, and blow-the-fuck-up (and the beautiful WWII Paris setting) are a joy to experience. However, the nagging meters, zones, gauges and other inorganic artifices never allow you to feel like you’re in the world, or completely buy into the story.


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  • Jake Green (HuntingJake)

    Glad to see it got a fairly high score, and I will most likely be enjoying it tomorrow!

    But one qwestion: what was wrong with mercs 2? I thought it was great.

  • mik

    The Saboteur is a little buggy and glitchy, but nowhere near what Mercs 2 was. I recall lots of freezing, clipping, and massive framerate dips–especially when I was playing it co-op.

    I also think The Saboteur is a much better game graphically, and since it has a nice story to serve as a framework for all the destruction, it all makes more sense and does a better job of giving you some context and rationale for your wanton chaos.

    Also, killin’ Nazis is always a winning proposition.

  • Jake Green

    Killing nazis is great, yes. Especially when playing as a stereotypical irish man played by the worst and cheesiest voice actor ever 😛