CoD:WaW DLC Arrives In One Bundle

Christmas time is here. And what better way to celebrate it by killing Nazi Zombies.

Well you are in luck my friend as you are now able to download Map Pack 1, 2 and 3 for Call Of Duty: World At War in one quick and easy bundle. You will be saving yourself $5 dollars by doing this which you can put in your money box and start the new year with the joy that you made a great saving last year. It is available for $24.99 on the PSN or 2000 MSP on the Xbox 360. If you are in NA then you should be able to download this now, but if you are in Europe you will have to wait until Jan 7th. Although yesterday I saw it on the EU Marketplace, so I guess you should check just incase.

These maps are definitely worth the download. Fair enough I doubt nobody plays multiplayer on this game anymore now that the stallion MW2 has leaped onto the shelves. But the zombie maps are definitely worth going back to and playing.

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