Final Fantasy VIII Coming To The States (PSN)

After the huge success of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation Network, it was no surprise when Sony decided a few months ago, that the PS1 classic RPG Final Fantasy VIII would be coming to the PlayStation Network, the only problem was that this download was a Japanese exclusive. And there was no word on Squall, Rinoa and the rest of the crew heading to the United States in the future. But according to PlayStation Network Stores, Final Fantasy VIII is coming, and it’s reported to be coming “soon!” The news comes from Sony itself in an email to customers, where the cover art for Final Fantasy VIII was listed in the “coming soon” section at the bottom of the email. My recommendation to gamers with some money burning in there pocket is to start checking the PlayStation Network Store later this week. Sony might be setting up some great deals on the PlayStation Network Store this week for the Holiday deals, and to push people to use their money from holiday gifts on a couple PS1 classic games.

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