You Can Play MW2 Multiplayer Again….For Now

Another month, and another patch has been issued for the top selling game “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”

You must be asking, surely when they patched the game a couple of weeks ago, it would fix such problems as the Javelin Glitch and the Xbox Live Multiplayer would be once again playable. Well you were wrong as the past month the worst possible glitch to happen to a CoD game has been discovered. Here’s basically what happens. You search on Matchmaking, you find a game, discover it’s a private game, discover it’s been hacked, discover that everyone in the game has infinite ammo (yes, grenade launchers… AC130 huge bullets) and then if that isn’t bad enough, the smallest map in the game loads up with 16 people in it,  you get spawn killed about 15 times. And within a minute of the game starting, you hear the bleeper for the Tactical Nuke go off.

If you have even been attempting to play MW2 Online recently you will undoubtedly have encountered horrible server problems. Well, the good news is that this has been fixed. Robert Bowling has informed us that the patches are rolling out for duty and fix “the infinite ammo and server glitches on 360, the Prestige hack on PS3 and the texture hack on PC”

Basically, if you want to play MW2 without pulling your hair out, get patching soldiers!

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  • I wonder how long the game will be playable for. Hopefully for a couple weeks this time

  • Yeah, when’s the next glitch coming out so I can not play this game?

  • Dick McLongcock

    That was a good way of ranking up a little bit easier. You seem happy. I am now sad. Thank you silly man.